Ripper Street, 02-08: “Our Betrayal, Part 2”

December 16th, 2013 by amyro

RIPPER STREET S02 E08 (Homer Jackson Promotional Photo)

While the media continues to slam the Beeb for their decision to cancel Ripper Street and the search continues for replacement funding, Series 2 comes to an end tonight in the UK with an episode that will surely be filled with rainbows and ponies. Enjoy.

Episode 02-08 (UK Airdate: December 16, 2013):
“Our Betrayal, Part 2″

Death and violence stalk Whitechapel once more.

Decayed and murdered corpses are found in a slum tenement, and the advanced stages of the police divisional boxing championship — the Lafone Cup — reveal the vengeful ferocity to be found within the ranks of the force itself.

As Reid and Drake find themselves powerless to resist the awful temptation of a final reckoning with K Division’s Jedediah Shine, so Jackson and Judge’s ever more desperate attempts to profit from that stolen diamond lead them into the teeth of the murderous agents of the De Graal monopoly.

And Long Susan must decide where her future lies — with Jackson, or allied to the venal but powerful Duggan.

Guest Cast: Clive Russell as Chief Inspector Fred Abberline, Leanne Best as Jane Cobden, Frank Harper as Silas Duggan, David Costabile as Daniel Judge, Justin Salinger as Nathaniel Hinchcliffe, Robert Goodman as Werner, Michael Grennell as Blewett, Gary Egan as Sgt. Barton, Michael Sheehan as Constable Wainwright, Alicia Gerrard as Charity, Joel Gillman as Finkel, Craige Els as Botha Brother, Joe Macaulay as Botha Brother, Keith Skinner as Skinner, Cathal Pendred as Duggan’s Henchman

Director: Andy Wilson
Writer: Richard Warlow

Series credits can be found in here.

Ripper Street airs for eight episodes on BBC One (UK), starting on October 28, 2013, at 9 PM, and on BBC America in 2014, specific time and date to be announced later.

3 Responses to “Ripper Street, 02-08: “Our Betrayal, Part 2””

  1. Jason M. Hirst Says:

    Fingers crossed Netflix comes to the rescue.

    Ripper Street is FANTASTIC, so much better than the &*$@ like I’m a Celebrity or other reality shows the Beeb want to shove down the licence payers throats.

    You’ve got a guaranteed watcher here, and besides, you gotta chase you brother for the spondoolies haven’t you twink!!!

  2. Sara Jones Says:

    What an amazing climax to this fantastic series. It must return. There are too many loose ends and I’ve got used to seeing the very handsome Adam on my TV screen every week!

  3. Anna Magee Says:

    12/19/13 The Big Petition is heading toward 30,000 to reverse this crass cancellation. BBCOne, BBCAmerica, are you listening? Spread the word — it’s not over yet.