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January 12th, 2014 by amyro

Adam Rothenberg TV NewsThe Television Critics Association’s winter hootenanny has been going on all week and there’s reporting on the future prospects for Ripper Street from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. BBC America senior vice president of programming Richard De Croce told reporter Rob Owen that the outlook is still “To be determined … There are a lot of conversations going on about the potential ways the show can return … We’re big fans of ‘Ripper.’ We really, really love the show and if we can bring it back, we will do so.”

I asked if BBC America has given up on it the way the BBC did.

“BBC America has not,” De Croce said. “The BBC will be involved if it goes forward but to be honest it’s a little early to say.”

Because they want to see its ratings for season two on BBC America?

“No, we would be committed to more episodes,” he said. “The conversations are going on in the UK that we’re a part of but also being discussed is the future of the franchise.”

Not entirely sure what that means. Fans will just have to wait and see.

It sounds to the Apple as though it means that BBC America is prepared to pony up for future episodes, if Tiger Aspect can find new financing for the series. So, basically, we’re still in a holding pattern, waiting to see how things pan out with LOVEFiLM or someone else. But it seems promising that there are a number of distribution outlets wanting additional Ripper Street content. Fingers continue to be crossed.

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  1. Lyndsey Feakes Says:

    Meanwhile the petition in the UK on has over 35 000 signed up, and the FB page continues to get up to all sorts of fun and games in our bid to bring it back! Keep the faith!